Welcome to Wolfram & Hart, Toronto Branch.

Session One: Systems Test

Setting Date: Tuesday Aug 14, 2015 (Game Date: Saturday June 25, 2011)

So. This was the first session of the campaign.
This was also the first time I’ve ever run Unisystem, and I wanted to take the combat system for a spin. I think the Combat system is a tad on the slow side, with the declaring of actions and whatnot, so I may be making a few changes to simplify it a bit and speed things up.

Session Summary:

The session opened off with Introducing the Characters. This Session we had:
The Pilot (Ex Mage) – Roger
The Reporter – Jon
The Ex-Soldier – Ken
The Secretary – Kat
The Closer – Sacha
and the Wealthy Client – Colin

I introduced the characters in the main lobby of Wolfram and Hart. They met the Chilean Ambassador, magically contained in an invisible box, but seemingly content where he is, to just chat with people and stay in the lobby. Then they were given their assignment: Go to Max Hadaway’s house and provide entertainment for the evening. He’s expecting blood sport, and strippers. Meanwhile, root around his house and collect information about the client for the firm.

The secretary tells the group what she knows about hadaway. He’s a magic demon-type, and many of the people he brings to his place are never heard from again.

So the group goes out, and uses their knowledge of the streets, and their knowledge of politicians habits to find some prostitutes to do table dancing, and some fighters for the blood sport.

They arrive, and see his place. He leads them around a bit, and gives them some food and refreshments while they wait for the entertainment to arrive. When it does he leads them into a fighting ring (which some of the characters note should not fit in the building, given that they saw the outside).

He arranges for some fights to occur.

At the end, the few (seriously injured, but conscious) fighters remaining are made to fight the ex-soldier. The soldier wins, but is seriously injured in the process.

Exp Log:

- Being There (1): Kat, Jon, Roger, Colin, Ken, Sacha - Excellent Roleplaying (1 per instance): - - Heroic Roleplaying (1-3): - - Ingenuity Award: (1-3): - - On Task (1): Kat, Jon, Colin, Ken - GM Assist (1): -

Drama Point Log:

- I wasn’t remembering to award drama points throughout the session this time. I’m going to reset everyone’s drama points to the default for the second session, when I’m hoping to get some real plot going.

I’m liking the system, overall, though at the moment nobody is really familiar with it.
I’m going to try to make some cheat-sheets, and hopefully get a bit of assistance from the players, and make it easier to remember what’s going on, make it run smoother.

Problems/Potential Problems:
Familiarity with the System:
The system is new to me, and to the players, and I find I’m occasionally forgetting some of the rules.
Potential Solution: Rules Cheatsheets for myself and the players.
Number of Players/Distraction Level/Interrupting:
Initially the response was rather lukewarm regarding the game, with lots of players giving me a maybe on their ability to attend the game, so I asked more people. Group Size is now 8 people (everyone who was here today, plus two more), and it was causing a few complications outlined below. I’m going to try to solve the problems in other ways. If that doesn’t work, I may have to shrink the game somewhat.
Noise Level:
This is about people talking over eachother. It was to the point that I couldn’t run the game a few times because there were people talking over me.
I used to try to talk over the other players, but I no longer have the patience to keep doing that. When it happens, I just stop talking, stop running the game, and wait for them to stop. That doesn’t seem to be doing the trick though.
Potential Solution: If it is happening alot in a session, I’m going to reward the players who didn’t do it, either with exp or drama points. (Likely Drama Points, unless it’s really bad, then I may start awarding exp to the players who aren’t being disruptive).
A few players kept being cut off when they were trying to contribute to the game, and there were times where I was trying to narrate a scene and I was getting interrupted.
Potential Solution: If one player keeps being interrupted, I’ll take a drama point or experience point that would have gone to the players who were being rude, and I’ll give it to the player who is not getting the opportunity to participate. It’s rude toward the player they’re interrupting (and no fun for them) and its really disruptive for me, who is trying to run the game, and doesn’t want to have to police the players.



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